[pmwiki-users] I moved a wiki with heavy fox usage to another server…

Martin Kerz mkerz at me.com
Thu Mar 4 02:43:02 CST 2010

…and none of the fox forms do seem to work. Creating new page using e.g. this form

---- 8< ----
(:title Neuen Antrag hinzufügen:)
(:fox neuerantrag:)
(:foxadd template=JV.VorlageAntrag target=Antraege.{$$SK}-{$$Nummer}_{$$name} redirect=1 pagecheck=1:)
(:foxadd template=JV.VorlageBegruendung target=Begruendungen.{$$SK}-{$$Nummer}_{$$name} redirect=0 pagecheck=1:)
(:foxadd template=JV.VorlageKommentar target=Kommentare.{$$SK}-{$$Nummer}_{$$name} redirect=0 pagecheck=1:)
||'''Antragstitel:''' ||(:input text name "Änderung der Satzung" size=20:) ||
||'''Antragsstellerin:''' ||(:input text antragsstellerin "Karl Napp" size=20:) ||
||'''Kurzzusammenfassung:''' ||(:input textarea antrag rows=4 cols=10:) ||
||'''Sachkomission''' ||(:input select SK S:) (:input select SK F:) (:input select SK MK:) (:input select SK P:) ||
||'''Antragsnummer''' ||(:input text Nummer "1" size=2:)||
(:input textarea antrag rows=20 cols=50:)

(:input textarea begruendung rows=20 cols=50:)

(:input textarea kommentar rows=20 cols=50:)

(:input submit post "Antrag hinzufügen":)
(:foxend neuerantrag:)

---- 8< ----

Simply redirects to the form and does not create a page. What is the best way to debug this?

Thanks for your help.


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