[pmwiki-users] Fwd: pagelist of referenced items

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Sat Aug 14 03:28:36 CDT 2010

On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 5:15 PM, Markus Heinzer <keusen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Peter
> I would be interested to do it the way you suggest, since with my actual
> solution I still have to create 200 pages by hand. And it seems to work but
> probably one could find an even nicer way of doing it.
> Actually in PHP-logic (the only programming language I know) I would do it
> (probably not the most elegant way...) like that:
> for ($topicarea = 1; $topicarea <= 5; $topicarea++)
> {
>    for ($questionnumber = 1; $questionnumber <= 200; $questionnumber++)
>    {
>        echo 'topic area '.$topicarea.', question number '.$questionnumber.':
> ';
>        (:pagelist "[[#answer-$topicarea-$questionnumber]]":)
>    }
> }

Here's how that would look in WikiSh:

{(wikish source {$FullName}#generate_page_list)}

(:if false:)
null --timeout:60
set i = 1
while test ${i} -le 5
   set j = 1
   while test ${j} -le 20
      echo 'topic area ${i}, question number ${j}:\\'
      echo '(:pagelist group=Test "[[#answer-${i}-${j}]]":)'
      set j ++
   set i ++

It occurs to me that you could do something very similar with a markup
since you're familiar with PHP (code very lightly tested - use at your
own risk):

Markup("loop-de-loop", "<pagelist", "/\\(::loop-de-loop (.*?)::\\)/e",
'NestedLoopEcho(\$pagename, "$1")');

function NestedLoopEcho($pagename, $arg)
$arg = stripslashes(str_replace('\n', "{newline}", $arg));
   $opt = array('start1'=>1, 'end1'=>5, 'start2'=>1, 'end2'=>200);
   $opt = array_merge($opt, ParseArgs($arg));
   $rtn = "";
   for ($i = $opt['start1']; $i <= $opt['end1']; $i++)
      for ($j = $opt['start2']; $j <= $opt['end2']; $j++) {
         if ($opt['fmt1']) $rtn .= str_replace(array('{loop1}',
'{loop2}', '{newline}'), array($i, $j, "\n"), $opt['fmt1']);
         if ($opt['fmt2']) $rtn .= str_replace(array('{loop1}',
'{loop2}', '{newline}'), array($i, $j, "\n"), $opt['fmt2']);
   return $rtn;

then in your page you would "call it" like this:

(::loop-de-loop end1=6 end2=10 fmt1="Topic {loop1} Question
{loop2}:\n\n" fmt2='(:pagelist "[[#answer-{loop1}-{loop2}]]":)\n\n'::)


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