[pmwiki-users] AllRecentChanges problem

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Nov 11 17:29:47 CST 2009

On Tuesday 10 November 2009 09:58:28, Barry Drinkwater wrote :
> Recently the AllRecentChanges link stopped working correctly on our wiki
> - it would just show a blank page apart from the usual 'Site /All recent
> changes' at the top. I managed to fix this by deleting all links prior
> to February 2008, leaving about 1100 lines of text.
> However, this does not tell me what the problem was; the only thing that
> springs to mind is that there is a limit to pages sizes on pmwiki. Is
> this the case?

Hello. Not in PmWiki, but your operating system, hard disk, server or PHP 
installation may have limits.

The thing you describe may happen if a regular expression dies quietly -- a 
page content may be blank,  and/or the sidebar may be blank, or the 
PageActions may dissappear. 

What version of PHP and PmWiki are you using? Since 2.2.0-beta64, released 2 
years ago, PmWiki tries to set a higher limit to the regular expression 
engine. If you have an old version, you can set in config.php such a line:
  ini_set('pcre.backtrack_limit', 1000000); # or 1500000

(On some servers you may be unable to use the function ini_set.)

I did some tests with lower limit, and the long bulletted AllRecentChanges 
list from PmWiki.org worked fine. Do you have some special $RecentChangesFmt 
setting? It could be too complex for PHP when in a huge list. Or, if it 
displays a link for each and every change (instead of listing each page once), 
the list may grow too quickly.

Lastly, you can automatically limit the number of lines in the RecentChanges 
pages, by adding to config.php such a line:
 $RCLinesMax = 800;       # maintain at most 800 recent changes


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