[pmwiki-users] AllRecentChanges problem

Barry Drinkwater barry at penrillian.com
Wed Nov 11 03:40:43 CST 2009

The changes are all there when I go to the edit view, they just weren't showing when the page loaded.






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In my opinion, the fact you don't see anything while viewing the AllRecentChanges page doesn't mean the last changes have not been written in the source as expected.

I guess there is no size limit to pmwiki's page ; but there may be some php limit involved.

If you changed something in your config (new recipe, for example), you should retry with basic config to ensure the problem isn't caused by some cookbook.



2009/11/10 Barry Drinkwater <barry at penrillian.com>



Recently the AllRecentChanges link stopped working correctly on our wiki - it would just show a blank page apart from the usual 'Site /All recent changes' at the top. I managed to fix this by deleting all links prior to February 2008, leaving about 1100 lines of text.


However, this does not tell me what the problem was; the only thing that springs to mind is that there is a limit to pages sizes on pmwiki. Is this the case?






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