[pmwiki-users] FoxSetPW target issue

Jim Beuerle jbeuerle at triad.rr.com
Sun May 24 16:12:35 CDT 2009


First, FOX is a wonderful and flexible peice of work!!  THANKS!

I have been using Fox for some time now with much success.  However, I ran
across a problem with FoxSetPW.

I have a form that is modification of the original contact form, that
creates a page, with first line

(:fox contactform  target="{$AuthId}-{$$name2}-{$$name1}" ptvupdate=1
template=ContactTemplates#newregistration redirect=1:)

Iaqm using the follow in the form as well
(:input text name1 {$:name1} size=60:)
(:input text name2 {$:name2} size=60:)

The problem comes when $fields['target'] is used in the FoxSetPW function.
The {$$name2} and {$$name1} are not evaluated from the form.  The final
result is another page named Theadmin-Name2-Name1 with the correct EDIT id

I was able to get around this, by hard coding  $tgt =

This works fine for the current form, but if I decide to change the target
page in the form, I have to change the function.

Is there a way to do field substituions in form and have them passed to a
custom filter?



Jim Beuerle, PhD.
Mathematics Department
Elon University
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