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adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Fri May 15 17:24:46 CDT 2009

thanks. this is very helpful.

On 15 May 2009, at 4:44 AM, Hans wrote:

> Thursday, May 14, 2009, 8:31:50 PM, adam overton wrote:
>> now i wonder one last thing. once i've created a section this way and
>> go back to edit it again, as a section, is there any benefit to using
>> the EditSectionForm? it seems using the EditSectionAsPTVForm does
>> this just fine. i guess i'm not sure what difference there really is
>> now between these two forms, other than that probably access two
>> different components of Fox code to do the same thing, right?
> Yes, they will do the same thing.
> Only they use different components of Fox.
> Editing an anchor section is like editing a whole page,
> with the difference that only the section is loaded, then updated as
> a whole.
> Editing  a PTV uses Fox's PTV update function, and thesction needs to
> be defined as a PTV, which FoxEdit does by default.
> So really perhaps we can forget about using the EditSectionForm, and
> do everything via PTV editing.
> That would be a lot less confusing.
>> i was thinking of PTV's as simply *a thing* on the page, whereas
>> you're thinking of it as an idea - that can include the use of
>> anchored sections. but - it is a little confusing, so i recommend
>> documenting well...
> PmWiki defines various markup as page text variables, and allows
> other additional definitions as well. So we have different types of
> PTVs. FoxEdit adds anchored sections of format
> [[#sectionname]]
> ....
> ....
> [[#sectionnameend]]
> as a PTV type. Such are not seen as a PTV by default in PmWiki.
> When we add or edit PTVs we need to consider which type we want.
> The default for Fox are the hidden PTVs of format (:name: value:).
> For adding a PTV in another format this nees to be specified with the
> ptvfmt= parameter in the (:fox ...:) markup.
> For updating a PTV it does not matter what format it is, Fox will use
> the same, in fact Fox will just update the content and leave the
> format as it is.
> But if someone adds a new type of PTV (a new PTV pattern definition in
> config.php), then this new format is not automatically available for
> Fox's ptvfmt= parameter, because the formats Fox recognises for
> adding new PTVs are hard coded. It would need  a code change in
> fox.php. So Fox will not be able to add such PTVs by setting  a value
> for the ptvfmt parameter. Still, such different types of PTVs can be
> added to a page simply using fox to add content, and specifying it in
> the template.
>   ~Hans

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