[pmwiki-users] FoxEdit & new sections

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Fri May 15 06:44:50 CDT 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009, 8:31:50 PM, adam overton wrote:

> now i wonder one last thing. once i've created a section this way and
> go back to edit it again, as a section, is there any benefit to using
> the EditSectionForm? it seems using the EditSectionAsPTVForm does  
> this just fine. i guess i'm not sure what difference there really is  
> now between these two forms, other than that probably access two  
> different components of Fox code to do the same thing, right?

Yes, they will do the same thing.
Only they use different components of Fox.
Editing an anchor section is like editing a whole page,
with the difference that only the section is loaded, then updated as
a whole.
Editing  a PTV uses Fox's PTV update function, and thesction needs to
be defined as a PTV, which FoxEdit does by default.
So really perhaps we can forget about using the EditSectionForm, and
do everything via PTV editing.
That would be a lot less confusing.

> i was thinking of PTV's as simply *a thing* on the page, whereas
> you're thinking of it as an idea - that can include the use of
> anchored sections. but - it is a little confusing, so i recommend
> documenting well...

PmWiki defines various markup as page text variables, and allows
other additional definitions as well. So we have different types of
PTVs. FoxEdit adds anchored sections of format
as a PTV type. Such are not seen as a PTV by default in PmWiki.
When we add or edit PTVs we need to consider which type we want.
The default for Fox are the hidden PTVs of format (:name: value:).
For adding a PTV in another format this nees to be specified with the
ptvfmt= parameter in the (:fox ...:) markup.
For updating a PTV it does not matter what format it is, Fox will use
the same, in fact Fox will just update the content and leave the
format as it is.

But if someone adds a new type of PTV (a new PTV pattern definition in
config.php), then this new format is not automatically available for
Fox's ptvfmt= parameter, because the formats Fox recognises for
adding new PTVs are hard coded. It would need  a code change in
fox.php. So Fox will not be able to add such PTVs by setting  a value
for the ptvfmt parameter. Still, such different types of PTVs can be
added to a page simply using fox to add content, and specifying it in
the template.


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