[pmwiki-users] Markup Question

Dave Brockman daveb at oz.net
Tue May 5 00:04:01 CDT 2009

Petko Yotov wrote:
> On Monday 04 May 2009 09:38:49 Dave Brockman wrote:
>> only pages in CommentPages and three other groups can be edited by
>> users. Pages from these groups are included on pages in the private
>> group EpisodePages. I find now that my test image reappears when the
>> CommentPages page is included on the EpisodePages page. Is there some
>> way to prevent the "include" from restoring the image?
> No.

I figured. :-)

>> I did notice that 
>> this image is not a link to itself. Links to images from the user
>> editable pages should be allowed. And, images, added by myself, are used
>> in EpisodePages. Thanks, again, for your help.
> In that case, you may just use the recipe URL approvals (and discard the 
> previous settings with CommentPages.php). Any posted link or image link will 
> be just displayed as non-clickable text until you approve it or delete it. 
> And this way, you can even allow "good" approved inline images in those 
> groups.
> See :
>    http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/UrlApprovals
> Note however that links are approved per-site. Once an external site is 
> approved, all links to pages and images on this site will be automatically 
> allowed and shown.

Ah! Thanks! That sounds like a good idea. I'll look into it.

>> I may be worrying about this too much. I have had no problems with users
>> posting "bad" images.
> Yes, in my experience, most people add comments in good faith. 
> Adding an edit password, even one written in clear text on the login form or 
> at the home page, tends to cut approximately 100.0% of all spam.

That's what I've done. The password is known to true fans of the TV show 
that my site supports. So far, it's been 100% as you say. I did have 
some Sandbox spam, but I fixed that with the Auto Restore recipe.

>> And, no matter what can be done, I will still have 
>> to check every user addition. :-)
> See also how to be immediately informed about any changes :
>   http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/Notify
>   http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/TrackChanges

I'll check those out too. I do get notifications.

> Petko

Thanks again Petko! You have been most helpful.


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