[pmwiki-users] Include an external pmwiki page that is accessible via a URL.

Bo Peng ben.bob at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 10:16:03 CST 2009

> 1.  Set up a svn repository for the core documents.
> 2.  On the PmWiki site, install the "ImportText" recipe.
> 3.  On the PmWiki site, check out a copy of the svn repository
>    and set the ImportText recipe to import from that directory.
> 4.  Set a cron job or some other mechanism to have the svn
>    directory perform "svn update" and retrieve the latest
>    pages from the svn repository.

The only problem is that sourceforge.net does not seem to support cron
jobs. Maybe pmwiki can do something like wget/rsync/svn update for me?


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