[pmwiki-users] reCAPTCHA

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Thu Jan 1 12:25:57 CST 2009

> This is simply a remotely serviced captcha -- not so very different in
> practice from what we have, albeit a little more sophisticated in the
> captcha level, and offering an audible representation of the captcha.

What I liked, in addition to the "plain" service, is that users input
is not "wasted" but used for a positive project.
Not anything new, agreed, but something for the good (as opposed to
about the same thing used by evil sites) and something easy to
contribute too.

Most probably there are still a lot of ways to let the huge horde of
internet browsers worldwide use their energies for good projects: but
this goes beyond this simple thread and my own imagination.


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