[pmwiki-users] W3c validatin

Peter K.H. Gragert p.k.h.gragert at misc.utwente.nl
Mon Sep 29 01:55:02 CDT 2008

Hallo Petko,

I upgraded to beta67 (by sure) or even beta68


So either I made a mistake upgrading or .


In any case thanks  and it means you agree with a change, don't  you?








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On Sunday 28 September 2008 18:27:25 Peter K.H. Gragert wrote:

> 1.  Wow only ONE error of my Startpage of a PmWiki:

> ErrorLine 5, Column 1: Missing xmlns attribute for element html. The value

> should be: http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml.




This was fixed in 2.2.0-beta65 (2007-11-17), more than 10 months ago.





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