[pmwiki-users] EnablePostAuthorRequired = 1

Markus Kohlen mail at mkohlen.de
Mon Nov 17 14:14:53 CST 2008

I've set up a wiki for several groups that works fine.  Then i made a  
copy of that wiki for similar groups so that the both wikis run  
parallel on the server (on different pathes for sure)

In both of them i've set the  "EnablePostAuthorRequired command in the  
config.php to 1 ($EnablePostAuthorRequired = 1;).

But the wiki i've configurated out of the copy still allows an author  
to save without an author name!?

Same Command ($EnablePostAuthorRequired = 1;) - different behaviour?

Do you have any idea why one of the wikis ignore the command?

thanx for any hint

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