[pmwiki-users] not all pages are included in index & change notifications

Simon Olsberg simon at caliper.com
Mon Nov 17 13:05:17 CST 2008

I have recently setup a new installation of pmwiki on my server. When  
I first started to use page lists on the site, I found that only a few  
pages were being included. I was finally able to generate complete  
results only by turning off the page index on the site (with  
$EnablePageIndex = 0). Now I have tried to setup email notification of  
wiki edits and I am seeing a similar sort of behavior that I am only  
receiving notification of changes to a few of the pages.

So I suspect that there is a related problem that prevents  
the .pageindex and .notifylist files from being updated correctly.

Firstly, can anyone offer any hints as to what to look for to try to  
track down the source of these errors.
And alternatively, is there any logging/tracing capability in pmwiki  
that would allow me to debug what is going on when the wiki content  
edits are being processed.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Simon Olsberg

N.B. I don't have these problems in my local test installation of the  
wiki, only on the installation on the my internet host's server.

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