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Sameer Kumar skumar at eharch.com
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What would be smart is a creation of a smart table like a spreadsheet,

with column and row Ids identifying each cell, and editing a cell by

double click or such! But I am dreaming....


I see your drift. The edit link is not that necessary... I shouldn't be
greedy! I am quite in love with the editable table as it is now!


> A new page created via the form in Test.Form comes with all the text

> from the template within #foxbegin# and #foxend#... 


> *         Can you think of some way that I can protect this text from

> being edited (or not be seen at all)??


You mean what you call 'banner'? It is an integral part of the page I

thought, so you don't want to hide it. (?)


I meant the text in the EditForm when editing the page... That text is
an unformatted mass of PTVs from the fox template... I am afraid that
someone could mess with it. Moreover, it is a little intimidating for
novices to hit the edit button and see the huge chunk of what looks like


> *         This text implies that I cannot use EditTemplates anymore.

> I still include any text (for example, the small Wall schedule form)

> all the pages that are created?


I do not understand what you are trying to tell me here.


Again, I mean that when I go to the Edit action of a page created by the
fox form, it already consists of the PTVs as per the template. 


I have earlier used EditTemplates
<http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/EditTemplates>  to populate "new"
pages in certain groups with pre-formatted text to assist the users.
When the pages are created by the Fox form, they are not "new" anymore
when one tries to edit them. 


However, the TextExtract recipe is giving me some exciting new ideas!!
:-)  I am going to try those!

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