[pmwiki-users] New Recipe: Text Extract

Graham Archer Graham.Archer at Sun.COM
Sun Jan 27 14:19:59 CST 2008

Hi Hans,

I think this is a brilliant recipe - thanks so much for making/sharing it.

I don't know if this is something with my skin/css  (monoskin) or 
whatever but  I have:

{(extract 'Gsc' cut='Center' highlight=off  header=count lines=10 
Main.HomePage )}
{(extract 'page' snip='page' highlight=off  header=count lines=20 
Main.HomePage )}
{(extract 'web' snip='web highlight=off  header=count lines=20 
Main.HomePage )}

as 3 lines in an otherwise blank page.

In all cases the first "Results xx" appears on the far right of the 
page. Is there a way to control
where on the page this Results text appears?   I don't mind if it's hard 
on the left, but on the right
causes me some problems with building text around in to make a report.

Ideally I'd just like the XX number so I can build my own text around it.

Thanks again


Hans wrote:
> See http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/TextExtract
> I released another update, which adds the following:
> * use of -PageName, page names with a minus prefix. Wiki wildcards are
>   allowed. These pages will not be processed, taken off the source
>   page list.
> * 'header' option with results counter and timer.
> * case insensitive search by default, with an option for case
>   sensitive search (case=1).
> * 'markup' option: markup=cut will ignore lines wich include markup
>   directives. Default markup=code will show markup as source code.
>   I have not added an option to show markup directives in their active
>   state, as doing so resulted in too many unwanted side effects,
>   because ending markup frequently was missing, redirects happened,
>   page title changed, and often the result was a blank output.
>   I renamed the 'out' option to 'markup', which is clearer in my view.
> * improved highlighting of query terms. Highlighting works now better
>   even inside markup directives and works inside [@ .... @]
>   bracketing.
> Please test this markup expression and give me feedback! Thank you!
>   ~Hans
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