[pmwiki-users] Multilevel backlinks

Serban Georgescu eu_serban at yahoo.ie
Thu Jan 24 17:14:41 CST 2008

I have been using pmwiki for a few month now to organize my research
(store papers with comments, ideas, etc.) and I found it very
productive. I make categories from keywords and every time I can see
using pagelists in the footer of the category page which papers and
other stuff I have related to that.
Recently, as the papers started to accumulate, I began to feel the need
for nesting. For example, I have a category Solvers, inside that CG and
others, inside CG I have BiCG and so on. Following the tutorial on
nested categories, I added links to the parent category from the
children. However, if doing that, in the main category I end up only
with the name of the subcategory and nothing else.
My problem is the following: is there a way to display the pages (in my
case papers, as I have one page for each paper) from all categories, all
the way to the bottom of the hierarchy? Like a deep backlinks feature?
That would help me very much since if I go to Solvers, I can see all
that I have on solvers, not only the subcategories.


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