[pmwiki-users] begin of music recipe

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 18 14:55:36 CST 2008

--- Marcio Lisboa <ecumenico at gmail.com> wrote:

> where (folder) I may to put the executable programs
> (abcm2ps, gs, ppmtogif, abc2midi ....) ?

You can put them anywhere that your webserver can
access/execute them.

> I'm using OS WindowsXP and sure that abcm2ps
> abc2midi abctab2ps and gswin32 are supported 
> on windows. I placed this files like showed 
> below
> G:
> |---php
>      |---www
>           |---pmwiki
>                  |----cookbook
>                  |----docs
>                  |----exec  (abcm2ps.exe /
> abc2midi.exe / abctab2ps.exe)
>                           |----gs
>                               |----bin  
> (gswin32.exe )
>                          |----netpbm
>                               |----bin  (pnmcrop.exe
> )
>                 |----local
>                 |----pub
> I tried like this in *music.php* (for ex.) on line
> *34*
> liContentRegFSConverter("abcm",   "midi",
> 'G:\php\www\pmwiki\exec\abc2midi
> ${i} -o ${o}');

>From what you describe, the path looks right.  I would
suggest testing the entire command line manually to
see if the arguments do what you expect on Windows. 
(I assume the "li" above is a typo)

As mentioned in the recipe, this recipe has never been
tested on windows!  I will try to work through any
windows specific problems with you if you are willing
to test it (I can't test it, I don't own any windows
machines.)  The primary problems are, of course,
trying to first get all the helper commands to work on
windows.  There may however also be some problems with
the Content recipe, this also has never been tested on
windows.  There are some minor provisions in there
where I anticipated some obvious windows problems, but
I have certainly not put any effort into finding
others yet.

Good luck, let me know of any other problems that you


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