[pmwiki-users] begin of music recipe

Marcio Lisboa ecumenico at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 19:18:04 CST 2008

where (folder) I may to put the executable programs (abcm2ps, gs, ppmtogif,
abc2midi ....) ?
I'm using OS WindowsXP and sure that abcm2ps abc2midi abctab2ps and gswin32
are supported on windows.
I placed this files like showed below

                 |----exec  (abcm2ps.exe / abc2midi.exe / abctab2ps.exe)
                              |----bin   (gswin32.exe )
                              |----bin  (pnmcrop.exe )

I tried like this in *music.php* (for ex.) on line *34*
liContentRegFSConverter("abcm",   "midi", 'G:\php\www\pmwiki\exec\abc2midi
${i} -o ${o}');

2008/1/17, Marcio Lisboa <ecumenico at gmail.com>:
>  Thank you Martin Fick for the first help.
> Hello you all
> The Pmwiki is running ok, but not work when I put
> include("cookbook/music.php"); & include("cookbook/content.php"); in
> config.php
> It shows error as follows:
> *Fatal error*: Call to undefined function ContentRegisterType() in *
> G:\php\www\pmwiki\cookbook\music.php* on line *15*
> **
> *tks*
> *Marcio Lisboa*
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