[pmwiki-users] Your bug fix for $EnablePageListProtect

Matthias Ubben mubben at airplus.com
Tue Jan 15 04:03:53 CST 2008

The problem still exists ...

I've set up pmwiki with the latest 2.2.0beta

I've substitute the AuthUserLDAP function to one, which works with our NovellDS.

I've copied the old config.php into the new wiki. (This is my first upgrade
session. I'll hope copying the old config.php isn't a fault ...)

I've set $enablePageListProtect=1

I've created a Site in a WikiGroup named "Test.Bike"

I've set the DefaultPassword for "read" in the Test.php

Results of search for  Bike:

Test /


Who can help?

Did I make a mistake?


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