[pmwiki-users] Search inter-pmwiki

Ben Stallings ben at interdependentweb.com
Fri Jan 11 09:14:54 CST 2008

Jorge wrote,
> Hello,How can I do searches between pmwikis? That is to say, I need to
> obtain page's results from mypmwiki/index.php and ...mypmwiki/otherwiki/ and
> reverse. I read the use of wikifarm but not find suitable result.  Thanks

and Kathryn replied,
> A. You can't.
> B. If you need to search them both, why are you using a wikifarm?

I'm pleased to say this is not true!  Thanks to Pm's forethought in 
setting up $WikiLibDirs as an array that can be modified in the 
config.php, you can add as many different PageStores to a wiki as you 
like.  That means a wiki in a farm can have access to -- and search -- 
the contents of any or every other wiki in the farm.

see http://pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/PathVariables#WikiLibDirs for details.

The catch is that the search results will appear to be part of the wiki 
that's doing the searching, which means it will only recognize one page 
by each name.  So if two wikis each have a page with the same name, only 
one will show up in the search results: the one that appears earlier in 
the $WikiLibDirs array.

So if you want the search results to appear in their proper context, and 
not overlap each other, then you are better off providing your users 
with a Google search form that is limited to the sites in question.

Hope this helps!  --Ben S.

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