[pmwiki-users] PmWiki and Spam

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sat Jan 12 04:58:23 CST 2008

Petko Yotov a écrit :

> If this is not a malicious attack by someone who hates us, what I beleve to be
> best is to have an edit password on the groups that we are cleaning every
> day. It may be written in the Site.EditForm :
>   Please enter '''pmwiki''' in the following textbox in order to edit.

true. We could easily try this and as pmwiki keep passords, there is 
little hassle

If this shoudn't be enough, we could use a "semi-private" password. I 
do this on my own LUG wiki: the pass is R-CULTe and any body knowing 
it is allowed to share it, but it's not writen anywhere on the wiki.

I think there are some pages here (cookbooks?) protected like this.

and I don't really think casual edits (by people don't willing to 
know) are so numerous


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