[pmwiki-users] PmWiki and Spam

Helmut Hullen Hullen at t-online.de
Sat Jan 12 04:39:00 CST 2008

Hallo, Petko,

Du (5ko) meintest am 12.01.08:

>> Maybe the blocklist does the job.

> Blocklist clearly does not the job. Every edit comes from a different
> IP address. I feel that this is a spambot using a list of open
> proxies to post these nonsense strings.

> And here is the proof:
>    http://google.com/search?q=%2262.140.77.68%22+proxy

> ( edited PITS.00108)

"Nile online", (CIDR notation)

Some bot tries to infect badly managed dial-in-clients, and there are  
regions (or ISPs) which have many badly managed clients.

Sometimes it may help to inform the ISP ... I had universities among  
these addresses.

> I also do not understand why in the Blocklist there are whole ranges
> of blocked IPs, like :
>    block:12.43.115.*

Look at the above address range - it might be represented by


> Are we sure all the 255 IPs are compromized? Blocking a range this
> way is only an effective prevention against dial-up users from tiny
> ISPs that can disconnect and reconnect and get another IP in the same
> range. Even if it is the case (which is not: these are open proxies),
> there are 254 legitimate innocent IPs that are blocked.

May be - you have to look at the innocents on the other side: all the  
people who want to read about pmwiki and nothing about spam.


May be this side isn't as interesting as pmwiki, but you can see some IP  
ranges which are worth to be blocked.

>>> We could site-protect all pages, but I'm not sure how we could make
>>> newcomers aware of the password in a way that makes sense to them.

> If this is not a malicious attack by someone who hates us, what I
> believe to be best is to have an edit password on the groups that we
> are cleaning every day. It may be written in the Site.EditForm :

>   Please enter '''pmwiki''' in the following textbox in order to
> edit.

> This is less annoying than a Captcha and may work.

May be it works - we'll see.

In my special case the bot(s) tried to spam only few pages (p.e. a page  
with "windows" in its name). I have blocked these few sides too: seems  
to help.


By the way: in the "syslinux" mailinglist you find the same problems and  
the same diskussion ...

Viele Gruesse!

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