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> From: "Sameer Kumar" <skumar at eharch.com>

> Subject: [pmwiki-users] Fox forms


> I have just started exploring Fox Forms as an alternative to


> (While Wikiforms works fine, I am having difficulty as it does not

> editing of the target page, which is crucial for the site)



I haven't used Fox Forms so I can't help you on that (sounds like Hans

made the changes needed to do what you're looking for), but if you

?action=editeform in wikiforms you will be able to edit your target data

page.  (I'm assuming by "edit the target page" you mean viewing/editing

existing data in the form, make changes, and then re-save the data back

the same data-page.)




Alternatively you can just go to that page from a wikilist (or just

normally...) and you will have an "edit form" link in the upper-right

between the previous/next page links (I think you can modify the default

location on the page, but I'm pretty sure the upper-right just below the

page header is the where it comes normally).





I am aware of the "edit form" within the wikiforms recipe and it works
quite well. I guess I wasn't clear about what I am looking for.


In one of my groups 'Projects', each project has a page. I want these
project pages to be made of two parts: 

*         the top half made of data entered through a form

*         the lower half made of text entered through the usual wiki
edit form


Currently I am generating the top half with Wikiforms and then
"including" the lower half as a 'group footer'. The lower half is a page
that actually belongs to another group called "Projecttext".


There are a number of problems caused due to this setup. The most
important one is dealing with Pagelists and searchlists. There are
others with intra-wiki links etc.


What I am therefore aiming for is only one page that would have a part
of it editable using a form which would also contain non-form based


I am open to any other ideas that you may have.


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