[pmwiki-users] file is larger than maximum allowed by webserver

Richard Geoffrion pmwiki at rain4us.net
Fri May 13 15:57:17 CDT 2005

(oops.  replied directly to PM instead of to the list. Sorry Patrick!)

> PmWiki doesn't use HTTP PUT for uploads, it uses HTTP POST (i.e.,
> form-based
> file uploads), and the POST goes to pmwiki.php, not to the uploads
> directory.
> (Otherwise PmWiki cannot do any verification/checking on the file
> before it goes into the uploads directory.)
> Easiest is generally something like:
>     <Directory /path/to/pmwiki_dir>
>     LimitRequestBody 16000000
>     </Directory>

Ok...did that.

-----a snippet of the httpd.conf file------
    ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "/home/springpark/cgi-bin/"
        <Directory /home/springpark/public_html/wiki>
        LimitRequestBody 16000000

-----end of snippet---

209.x.x.x - springpark [13/May/2005:15:12:04 -0500] "POST
/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=BOARD.2005may-landscape HTTP/1.0" 302 249
209.x.x.x - springpark [13/May/2005:15:12:20 -0500] "GET
HTTP/1.0" 200 22349
----end log-----

oh.. .and I *DID* do an apachectl restart before attempting the re-post.
so ..the issue  here is maybe what??  Don't put the directory directive
inside the virtualhost directive?

Any clues?


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