[pmwiki-users] beware! Update 3.03 Adobe SVG Viewer

Radu radu at monicsoft.net
Fri May 6 16:48:01 CDT 2005

In both cases I get a big blue square, and in both cases onMouseOver I get 
in the status bar a note "Unrecognized DOCTYPE declaration. Image may not 
display properly"

Maybe they got their parser less lenient and errors are not allowed 
anymore. Check your svg syntax, maybe?

At 04:27 PM 5/6/2005, Stephan Schildberg wrote:
>while upgrading to the very recent update of the Adobe SVG viewer (due to 
>security fixes) from 3.02 t o 3.03  I endeavor that I cannot display . SVG 
>any more in PmWiki :-( . Outside, without the wiki it works. I have no 
>idea what this is. Just up to yesterday I had the beloved 3.02 version of 
>Adobes SVG viewer.
>Could someone please check whether this URL still displays in your old 
>Adobe SVG viewer update 3.02 or earlier?
>instead this plain file still does it with version 3.03 of Adobes SVG viewer
>see also
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