[pmwiki-users] New versions of skins and recipes

Neil Herber nospam at eton.ca
Thu May 5 09:55:05 CDT 2005

At 2005-05-05  10:47 AM -0400, Radu is rumored to have said:
>And then there's the issue of documentation. Many recipes have changing 
>instructions. Maybe we should archive old versions of the recipe page 
>using the same strategy (before changing instructions for a new major 
>version of some recipe, just create a new page with the entire contents of 
>the main one, but with the pmwiki version code in the page name) Better 
>yet, we could save some page space by placing the version code in the 
>title of all recipes (from now on, of course, or if recipe authors have 
>time to edit their recipes)

You could always use the history to see what had changed, but that is not 
as nice as having a "requires version 2.0b32" note.

I expect that this will be less of a problem when PmWiki exits beta mode. 
Even now we have v1 and v2 recipes, but I don't think we need v2.0b26 
recipes ...  ;-)


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