[Pmwiki-users] Small problem with wikilog

J. Perkins jason
Fri Sep 26 05:21:25 CDT 2003

Just tried out the WikiLog (alt version), very nice. I ran into a small 
problem when I installed it on an IIS server though, not sure if the 
problem lies with WikiLog or PmWiki.

The main page with the calender displays fine, I can click on a date and 
edit that page. Now if I navigate to one the pages I created, there is a 
link at the very top that should take me back to the main calendar page. 
This link is malformed, it is:


when it should be:


I can look into this myself over the weekend, but if someone could solve 
it for me before then...well, then I could do something else with my 
weekend. ;)

Everything runs fine on my other installs, which are all Linux servers.


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