[Pmwiki-users] Problem with SimplePageCache script.

Richard Canning elindal
Mon Sep 22 19:34:09 CDT 2003

When I read about SimplePageCache it looked like the pmwiki script of my dreams. I have a series of pages that I load a lot, and they have complicated markup and takes about 6 seconds to generate. I only edit it about once a day, so this looked to be a great solution.

I downloaded and installed the script, and my pages sped up a lot.
Then when I went to edit them, the change was not reflected, so I could not edit the pages.

If I load the pages with '/wiki/wiki.php/Main/Homepage?action=browse' I see the version before the edit(s). If I use '?action=resetcache' then I see the current version, but then if I take it back to browse (either with or without the action)it goes back to the original version.

Only browse is effected by this; edit, diff, source, etc all work fine.

The only way I have to make the updates visible is to log into the wiki and manually delete the cache file from /wiki.cache

Has anyone seen this before with this script, and have any ideas?

PHP Version 4.1.2
Server API: Apache/1.3.26

Richard Canning
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