[Pmwiki-users] Installation Problem

Barry Thomas zen21596
Sun Sep 21 12:36:09 CDT 2003

I am trying to install PmWiki on my webspace:


PHP4 is installed but I'm not sure about the Apache version.
The webspace is operated by UK company 34SP.com

I'm a bit confused about permissions on the directories and files.
Do I Chmod the folder containing all the wiki files to 2777 or just the one
containing pmwiki.php.

(I had a problem working out how to get the 2 because I was using WS_ftp
lite but have now downloaded Smartftp which allows me to setid).

I've tried to chmod the folder www.assessment-online.co.uk/wiki/ but have
ended up with an internal server error.

Mention is made of an htassess file.
What actually needs to go into this? I presume that it is just a text file.

**Apologies if this has been dealt with elsewhere but I couldn't find a
search facility through the postings.**


Barry Thomas

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