[Pmwiki-users] A search= working like AllRecentChange

John Rankin john.rankin
Mon Sep 8 15:31:23 CDT 2003

On Tuesday, 9 September 2003 3:52 AM, Eric Charikane <charikane at ecrin.asso.fr> wrote:

Yesterday I try to print a part of my Wiki. In a group I use search='' 
so that I could get all the pages and then plan to use Publish, like if 
I was using the result of "Group/RecentChange" or 
"Main/AllRecentChange". But the result of search is not a wiki page, so 
that I couldn't put Publish anywhere !

Eric, that's on my 'to do list' and I *think* I know how to make it work.

Against each pagename in the search results display there will be a 
checkbox. At the bottom of the page will be a Publish button.

Check the boxes against the pages you want to publish and press Publish.

I have solved it in my head, but haven't implemented it yet.


So here is my question : is there a way to add pages like 
"Group/RecentChange" and "Main/AllRecentChange" that work like 
search='' so that this create pages with a list af all the site page or 
all the pagesin a specific group, so that we could use Publish. This 
would be usefull to make easily a paper backup of an entire site or 
group or an ebook with that site?

Alternatively, edit Group/RecentChanges and Main/AllRecentChanges and add
[[$Publish]] at the bottom.

You could even create a RecentChanges group for all changes and put
[[$Publish]] in a GroupHeader or GroupFooter. That would require
a few lines of local customisation, as you'd have to change all 
references to RecentChanges and AllRecentChanges.

If you do a Search and leave the text box blank, pmwiki returns all 
pages. If you enter group/ and press Search (Chercher?), you get all 
pages in the designated group.

Then when a publishable Search is available, you'll be able to do
what you want. Checking all the boxes might be a bit tedious, though.
Maybe the default should be that all boxes come checked. I don't know.


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