[Pmwiki-users] PmWiki 0.5.23 and the old preview.php add-on

John Rankin john.rankin
Mon Sep 8 15:06:08 CDT 2003

On Monday, 8 September 2003 10:44 PM, Carlo Strozzi <carlos at linux.it> wrote:
After the preview code has been incrporated into PmWiki, and as
anticipated by Patrick, the old preview.php script continues to
work. At the moment, for some reason, I prefer to stick with that rather
than using the built-in one. 

I have made a local customisation that makes 0.5.23 behave the way the old
preview.php does. It's also set up to use a style sheet so administrators
can control the presentation of previewed pages.

I'll incorporate your i18n changes and release it. But it will probably 
be later this week -- I have a busy few days ahead.


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