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Christian Ridderström chr
Wed Dec 17 13:18:38 CST 2003

Is the description below available somewhere in the PmWiki-pages?
If not, it should be added somewhere... it wasn't that long ago that I 
wondered what would happen if I created a page in the PmWiki-group...
(and what would happen to that page the next time I upgrade pmwiki).

I added some text that could go with Pm's text into a description 
somewhere (if I knew where to add, I'd done that instead).

It's a neat solution btw.


On Wed, 17 Dec 2003, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

The PmWiki engine searches for pages in directories specified 
by the variable $WikiLibDirs [Note: isn't $WikiDirs or $WikiPath better?].

> The variable $WikiLibDirs is an array of directories to be searched for 
> wiki pages when requested.  By default it is set to
>    $WikiLibDirs = array(&$WikiDir,"wikilib.d");
> which tells PmWiki to look for pages in $WikiDir (default "wiki.d") and
> "wikilib.d", in that order.  

However, pages are always saved to the directory specified by $WikiDir. 
This has some implications:
* You can create a page such as PmWiki/PageNotInPmWiki, that will remain 
  even if you upgrade pmwiki.
* If you modify an existing PmWiki-page, say PmWiki/PmWiki, the changes 
  will remain even if up upgrade pmwiki. However, your changed version 
  will still ''shadow'' the original PmWiki-page (which might now have 
  changed). To retrieve the original version, just ''delete'' the page... 
  this will actually only delete your changes, allowing the original page 
  to be accessed.


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