[Pmwiki-users] page revisions: alternative "merged" view?

Fabio Reis Cecin frcecin
Tue Dec 16 17:31:20 CST 2003

That's a good alternative. But then...

[philosophy warning]

...I just remembered what I was really thinking when I tought about the 
usability of "restore" :-) It's just that in some organizations, there isn't a "wiki" 
culture yet (like where I installed pmwiki), so the idea of somebody visiting 
the site and proactively volunteering to restore a page wouldn't happen. The
"vandalised" page will sit there until I move my butt over there and fix it (not 
complaining, just -- setting the stage(?) ). So I was thinking if there could 
be a more, say, "obvious", mechanism so other people would "discover" restore
for themselves.

I see that all the methods propose including your "preview restore" are much
smarter overall, and I think pmwiki doesn't NEED a change, but think "windows 
user" for a bit: Windows is a good interface because if you are a clueless user, 
you can figure out (by yourself) more easily how to do stuff. Maybe showing full 
page, "merged" previews is more clumsy for an experienced user, but maybe it's 
easier to understand for the average "windows user" (like me :-) that bumps into
the page by accident, while wondering: "gee there's a 'restore' link here, I wonder
if this can be used to restore the page...."


On 17 Dec 2003 at 9:35, Nathan Jones wrote:

> Fabio wrote:
> >was wondering: wouldn't it be useful to have a "restore page" view
> >that shows the full state of the last few past pages instead of 
> >"changed line X from: to:" ?
> As Scott said, showing full contents of previous revisions could obscure
> the changes that were made. It would also make the Page Revisions page
> take up a lot more space.
> I've never restored anything in our wiki, but I imagine it just makes the
> change immediately. What could be useful is a way to preview how the page
> will look after doing a particular restore.
> Scratch that - I have now played with revisions and can see that it puts
> you in an editing window. What's wrong with clicking Preview to see what
> the page will look like after restore? The diff info shown under Page
> Revisions should be enough to help you make an educated guess at which
> page to go back to. (And if it's not, I doubt a full view is going to
> help you that much more.)
> -- 
> Nathan Jones

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