[Pmwiki-users] page rename problem...

Christian Ridderström chr
Mon Dec 1 10:06:12 CST 2003

On Sun, 23 Nov 2003, BigDawgy wrote:

> Hello...I would greatly appreciate any help with the
> following. I have noticed in PmWiki 5.25 that if I
> create a page with, for example, the group/title
> names--"PmWiki/Pmichaud"-- and save it, my page is of
> course--"PmWiki/Pmichaud"--no problem. Yet, if I leave
> a {{free link}} on this very same page with the
> variation of, for example,"PmwIki/PmiCHaud" and click
> on it, my page title is changed
> from--"PmWiki/Pmichaud"--to--"PmwIki/PmiCHaud"--it
> does not give the normal--"PmwIki/PmiCHaud?"--giving
> me the option to create a new page. The original
> page--"PmWiki/Pmichaud"--is the one catalogued but the
> title change remains when the {{free links}} are
> followed. This works for any variation of upper and
> lower case letters, except, of course, when the first
> letters are lowercase. I have noticed that other
> websites using PmWiki do not have this problem, so I
> believe I am missing something. My question is what?
> How can I set PmWiki to treat
> "PmWiki/Pmichaud"--and--"PmwIki/PmiCHaud"--as separate
> pages. I know the problem is on my end, yet PmWiki
> 5.25 out of the box without any configuration from me
> does this. Please tell me...what am I missing? Thanks
> in advance for your help.
Maybe this page can give you some insight into the behaviour of free 

Other than that, maybe you can create an example illustrating the problem 
at your site?


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