[Pmwiki-users] page rename problem...

BigDawgy big_dawgy1
Mon Dec 1 09:32:47 CST 2003

Hello...I would greatly appreciate any help with the
following. I have noticed in PmWiki 5.25 that if I
create a page with, for example, the group/title
names--"PmWiki/Pmichaud"-- and save it, my page is of
course--"PmWiki/Pmichaud"--no problem. Yet, if I leave
a {{free link}} on this very same page with the
variation of, for example,"PmwIki/PmiCHaud" and click
on it, my page title is changed
does not give the normal--"PmwIki/PmiCHaud?"--giving
me the option to create a new page. The original
page--"PmWiki/Pmichaud"--is the one catalogued but the
title change remains when the {{free links}} are
followed. This works for any variation of upper and
lower case letters, except, of course, when the first
letters are lowercase. I have noticed that other
websites using PmWiki do not have this problem, so I
believe I am missing something. My question is what?
How can I set PmWiki to treat
"PmWiki/Pmichaud"--and--"PmwIki/PmiCHaud"--as separate
pages. I know the problem is on my end, yet PmWiki
5.25 out of the box without any configuration from me
does this. Please tell me...what am I missing? Thanks
in advance for your help.


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