[Pmwiki-users] Some thoughts on delete and tables

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Wed Apr 30 16:05:47 CDT 2003

> But you sparked an idea.  Maybe there should be a
> tool that comes with PmWiki that allows for undeletion.  =20

...to be developed only upon substantial demand.  On one hand it's good
that deletion requires some outside assistance to be undone--it makes
people think just a bit before deleting pages. =20

As with search capabilities, I really do want to avoid creating full=20
file-management capabilities in PHP scripts.  There are better scripts=20
and tools for these purposes without reinventing them all in PmWiki.


I would find a Move/Rename function more useful than an Undelete.

Move=3Dkeep the title, move the page to another group
Rename=3Dkeep the group, change the title

Optionally: find all references to the old name and replace with the new =

And there may be a way of folding an undelete function into this, as =
Undelete is a rename of a 'deleted' file.

But a nice to have when there aren't more pressing things to do...


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