[Pmwiki-users] Nested group permissions

kinhost kinhost at kinhost.org
Wed Apr 30 07:46:22 CDT 2003

Pm wrote to Crisses:
>> I have a complaint.  I want to have a nested group structure...like movie
>> ratings, there's a section for G-Rating, PG-13, NC-17 and XXX.
> I need some clarification here... you're wanting separate WikiGroups
> for G-Rating, PG-13, NC-17, and XXX, and you're wanting the passwords
> for the higher groups to be available to the lower groups.

I want people with XXX password to automatically be granted access to
G-Rating, PG-13, and NC-17 (while PG13 would only have access to G-Rating).
So I want the people in the most restricted circles to be given access to
the less restricted circles.  For example:  If you're over 18, you can rent
all the movies.  If you're 6, you can only rent Blues Clues and the like :)

> In addition, you're wanting attr passwords to automatically imply
> edit/read permissions, and edit passwords to automatically imply read
> permissions.

Yes.  I was thinking it was absurd to have to hand someone 8 passwords if
they have XXX read & write access to my wiki.  It might make sense for areas
that have no overlap on some wikis, but it's possible other wikis have a
similar problem as well.  I think it's very discouraging to invite someone
to the wiki and hand them 8 passwords to keep track of :)  Also, even if I
made the read & edit passwords the same at each level, there's still the
issue of having to enter the passwords multiple times (less a problem, but
still annoying).

> Is it a requirement that your authors be able to set/change passwords
> via the web page, or would it be sufficient to have all of the passwords
> set/maintained in local.php by the WikiAdministrator?

I don't really need anyone but me to set passwords, so it is not a
requirement that authors be able to set/change passwords on the web pages.

>  If you need authors
> to be able to set/change passwords on pages and groups, it gets a bit
> tricky but we can probably make it work.  If only the WikiAdministrator
> needs the ability to set passwords, it can be done fairly easily in
> local.php without any modification to pmwiki.php.

Terrific.  I like that. :)

> Let me know the answers to the above and I'll give some potential
> solutions.  Thanks again!

Thank YOU :)

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