[Pmwiki-users] Nested group permissions

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Tue Apr 29 22:36:57 CDT 2003

Hello.  I'm just starting to use PmWiki, and it's great. :)  One heck of a
nice piece of code :)

I have a complaint.  I want to have a nested group structure...like movie
ratings, there's a section for G-Rating, PG-13, NC-17 and XXX.

I want people at higher levels to have permission for lower levels without
needing to have multiple passwords.  Fancy being able to rent Fight Club but
not rent A Very Smurfy Christmas. :)

I can see how I might alter the code (I can handle some php programming),
but the code is not well commented, so it's a little more work to sit there
and figure out what every variable is doing, how information is used by
various parts of the program when a function is called (the RetrieveAuthPage
function is called many times, and that looks like the function in question)
and exactly how it is that it's handling the passwords/permissions.  Playing
with the site while it's running, it looks like I can enter all four
passwords and be authenticated at all 4 levels at the same time.  I don't
want to have to give users 4 passwords just to read the whole site, however
-- and I don't want to give them my admin password.  Also, if there's a
security problem, *everyone* will have to get new passwords, at every level,
rather than just the one level the person who became an idiot was at.

I am thinking that one could set up information on nested groups in the
local.php file, then have a function called such that when someone
authenticates at a higher level, they automatically receive permission for
all the lower levels -- if the feature is used.  It also makes little sense
for someone to be able to edit pages but not read them, so I was also
thinking that people with the password for editorial access at, say NC-17
level would automatically get read AND edit access for G-Rating, PG-13, and
NC-17.  Hence, one password would be all anyone would (hopefully) require
(in a nested security scheme such as mine).

How difficult will this be to code, is the issue?  Should I tackle this in
my not-at-all-copious-spare-time or is there someone familiar with the code
that this issue has been nagging? (or now nags)  lol

Civility is the funniest thing to happen since slime crawled out of the
primordial ooze.

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