[Pmwiki-users] Some thoughts on delete and tables

Ross Kowalski educoop at edu-coop.org
Tue Apr 29 10:35:08 CDT 2003

I was deleting some unused pages a minute ago and noticed that once a 
page is deleted, I am returned to the main:welcome page.  Would it make 
more sense to return the user to the group:welcome page after a 

There is also currently no confirmation for a deletion, which on one 
hand eliminates the "are you sure you want to delet this?" dialog box 
that comes up on windows boxes when deleting, but I often find myself 
checking that the file was truely deleted anyway.  Should there be an 
intermediary page between the edit window where you delete the page, and 
whatever wiki screen you are returned to?

I also was making some tables and noticed that by default pmwiki does a 
valign="top" for the table contents.

I thought that tables generally defaulted to valign=center if nothing 
was specified.

I tried adding

|| width=100% valign=center

to the table, but it didn't word.

I temporarily changed the pmwiki script to do center by default.

Is there any way to control valign with the wiki markup?


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