[Pmwiki-users] upload feature

Dawn Green green at thunderdata.com
Thu Apr 17 19:40:56 CDT 2003

> WikiPedia has a nice feature where every uploaded file gets a one-line
> description of the file.  If I had something like this it could
> potentially be used to specify alt tag contents...

I think this would be super!

> I'll probably come up with per-group (per upload-directory) quotas as 
> opposed to an overall quota for all attachments.  It just takes too
> long to compute the disk space used for lots of files spread over
> many directories.

You mentioned that people will feel like they "have" to upload files and I
agree.  I also think it is ripe for abuse.  While I at first thought separate
files would be good, I'm rethinking it.  Maybe if people realize that huge
directories are difficult to manage, they will self-impose limits.  One
directory would work in admins' favors here.  Also, would that make the disk
space totals easier?  I'd take a single directory, warning system and lock
with delete/'pages affected listing' if I could order it. :)

> > It would seem useful to have some sort of category arrangement or a
> > marker of some sort to show files that would be periodically replaced.  
> > I think that the over write would help here.  What about an 
> > alphabetized list? 
> Ummm, I don't quite understand what you mean here.  

Ignore that doddering fool!

An alphabetized list, I think I meant to say, would be useful for a delete
function but not for lists.  


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