[Pmwiki-users] PmWiki Upload feature discussion

Isabelle Michaud isabelle at sci.tamucc.edu
Sun Oct 20 13:46:36 CDT 2002

Hi, all!

Should I send my comments here or add them to the wiki page referenced

"Are uploaded files "attached" to a wiki page somehow, or are they just 
in a generic upload pool that can be referenced from any wiki page?"

Uploaded files should be attached to a wiki page.  A page is a unit, 
an object, and every part of it (text, photos, other files) should be 
stored at the same place.  I would have a directory for each wiki page.
There would be a link somewhere on the page "see page components" that
would bring up a directory listing that would look like:


Each file would have options like "rename", "delete".  The directory
would have an upload capability.  This should look as close as possible
to Windows file navigation system.  Someone would upload a file, choose 
a name for it, and then edit the wiki page to include a reference to it. 

"What happens if someone attempts to upload a file with the same name 
as an existing file?"

A message should pop up (just like in windows) asking "Do you want to
overwrite the existing file?"  Let the user choose.

More later,


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> Subject: PmWiki Upload feature discussion
> An oft-requested feature for PmWiki has been the addition of an "upload"
> capability that would allow users to upload images that can be easily
> embedded inside of wiki pages.  The idea is to allow users to include
> images without having to know about FTP, acquire web directory space,
> know a lot about URLs, etc.
> I've been thinking about this sort of capability for a long time but I
> still don't have a good intuitive feel for how the implementation should
> look/work, which is why I haven't committed to a specific implementation
> yet.  Since demand for this sort of feature continues to grow, I've created
> a page where others can help me articulate how the feature should be
> designed.  The discussion page is at 
>     http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/PmWiki/PmWikiUploadDiscussion
> if anyone wants to join in.  I've already placed some of the basic 
> assumptions and issues here, and hope that others will be able to
> help me flesh it out.
> Of course, if anyone wants to discuss individual items or topics via
> email, that's fine with me.
> Thanks in advance,
> Pm

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