[pmwiki-users] Include-problem

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Jan 15 11:24:10 PST 2022

On 15/01/2022 20:05, Thomas Lundgren wrote:
> I´m using the (:include Group/Page:) (with no other parameters)
> directive quite a lot on a couple of my PmWiki-sites. All but one
> works well!
> On the site that does not work I´m, in a group (named Admin) and a
> page (named Allt), using include for a couple of pages.
> At the top of the page PmWiki prints out; "Admin.GroupHeader self=0
> basepage={*Admin.Allt}". After that all content from the pages are
> includes but no images are included.
> Why does PmWiki prints out "Admin.GroupHeader self=0
> basepage={*Admin.Allt}" and how do I get the images to be included (as
> in my other sites).

If you have attached files or images with the Attach:file.ext markup, 
and you're including this text in another wikigroup, the same link may 
not work in the other group unless there is a similarly named file 
attached to the other group.

Normally, if you want to include text with attachments, into another 
group (or page, depending on your $UploadPrefixFmt setting), the Attach: 
links may work if you use the full format as in




This should work even when included in another wikigroup.

Also, uploads need to be enabled in the other wikigroup, and with the 
same $UploadPrefixFmt setting.


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