[pmwiki-users] Include-problem

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Jan 15 11:14:23 PST 2022

This looks like pages may have reached the limit number of inclusions, 
sometimes nested inclusions, or inclusions from pagelists.

See the $MaxIncludes variable:



If you upgrade :  http://www.pmwiki.org/Upgrades

On 15/01/2022 20:05, Thomas Lundgren wrote:
> Please help! :)
> I´m using the (:include Group/Page:) (with no other parameters)
> directive quite a lot on a couple of my PmWiki-sites. All but one
> works well!
> On the site that does not work I´m, in a group (named Admin) and a
> page (named Allt), using include for a couple of pages.
> At the top of the page PmWiki prints out; "Admin.GroupHeader self=0
> basepage={*Admin.Allt}". After that all content from the pages are
> includes but no images are included.
> Why does PmWiki prints out "Admin.GroupHeader self=0
> basepage={*Admin.Allt}" and how do I get the images to be included (as
> in my other sites).
> With best regards,
> Thomas Lundgren

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