[pmwiki-users] Bug? Filename case for Attach:

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Jan 3 02:02:03 PST 2021

On 03/01/2021 00:28, Robert Riebisch wrote:
>> This is not a bug but a documented feature.
> Okay. Where can I read about it?

   See $MakeUploadNamePatterns.

>> may arise if you migrate your files from one hosting provider to 
>> another
>> -- links may fail to resolve on the new location.
> Then I would probably run some sed or awk script against to PmWiki
> pages. ;-)

Agreed, if you don't require support, you can change to an unsupported 
set of renaming rules. ;-)

I suspect you and I can do this -- and have done this. But most people 
who install PmWiki cannot -- they neither use or know how to use 
UNIX-type operating systems and `rename` (the Larry Wall version), nor 
their hosting plan has SSH access. And if their local file system is 
case-insensitive, they cannot even rename the files manually.

The decision made by Pm a long time ago was a pragmatic one, and at the 
time appeared suitable for the majority of the wiki administrators. I 
believe it still is, even more so today.

BTW I have been burned by a case-insensitive file system on clients' 
websites, and in one case with thousands of uploaded files -- and since 
then I force the renaming of the whole filenames to 
ascii-lowercase-without-spaces, not only the extension part. (This also 
tends to work better with recipes from the Uploads category in the 


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