[pmwiki-users] Bug? Filename case for Attach:

Robert Riebisch rr at bttr-software.de
Sat Jan 2 15:28:37 PST 2021

Hi Petko,

> This is not a bug but a documented feature.

Okay. Where can I read about it?

> Some file systems are case insensitive, some are case sensitive, so 
> FILE.ZIP and FILE.zip may be the same file or different files. A problem 


> may arise if you migrate your files from one hosting provider to another 
> -- links may fail to resolve on the new location.

Then I would probably run some sed or awk script against to PmWiki
pages. ;-)

> PmWiki will always rename the extension to lowercase. It will also strip 
> some unsupported characters, both from an Attach: link and when you 
> upload the file via the ?action=upload form.


> One workaround is to type the Attach link and/or use the upload form 
> instead of FTP.


> I agree that if you have many files to upload, especially some that come 
> from digital cameras or from DOS 8.3 filesystems the file extensions are 

Exactly. I'm talking about DOS (FAT16 w/o LFNs) filenames here.

> uppercase and it may be annoying. In that case you can probably install 
> DDMU from the cookbook and drop many files on the page -- they will be 
> renamed automatically:
>    https://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/DragDropMultiUpload

I already use DDMU sometimes. :-)

So I will rename every file before uploading via FTP.
There are (Windows) tools for that task or even my FTP clients supports
it on the fly... It does.

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