[pmwiki-users] double server?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun May 24 04:17:56 PDT 2020

It is likely that config.php has defined some variables to the old 

The easiest fix may be in config.php to simply comment out or delete the 
definitions of $PubDirUrl and/or $FarmPubDirUrl if they exist.

If this is not enough, then PmWiki is incapable to detect the correct 
URLs, and you can set them to the correct domain:

  $FarmPubDirUrl = "https://www.example.org/pmwiki/pub";
  $PubDirUrl = "https://www.example.org/field/pub";

The values are the URL path reachable via browser to the "pub" 
directory, under which there will be "skins/yourskinname/skin.css". You 
can usually see this path in the html source of any page on the new 
domain in a <link...> tag:

   <link rel='stylesheet' href='__URL_HERE__/skins/yourskinname/skin.css' 

and you need to take the part preceding "/skins/yourskinname/...". (And 
use the new domain name.)

You shouldn't need to manually set $SkinDirUrl.

If you have incoming visitors to http://oldwww.etc (not https: which 
will likely fail) you can redirect them to the new domain.

Best is to redirect from the old to the new via .htaccess at the 
document root. I use something like this on a few domains:

   RewriteEngine On

   # Redirect oldwww.example.org to www.example.org
   # Also redirect http to https
   RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off [OR]
   RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^oldwww\.example\.org [NC]
   RewriteRule (.*) https://www.example.org%{REQUEST_URI} [R=303,L]

With Apache 2.4 or newer you may be able to use (note the quotes):

   <If "%{HTTP_HOST} == 'oldwww.example.com'">
     Redirect permanent "/" "https://www.example.com/"

Both these depend on what is allowed in .htaccess on the server.

Within PmWiki, you can also redirect, early in config.php:

   # this will redirect oldwww.example.org,
   #   example.org or other to www.example.org
   if($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] != 'www.example.org' || $UrlScheme != 
'https') {


If you upgrade :  http://www.pmwiki.org/Upgrades

On 24/05/2020 12:06, James M wrote:
> I have a strange set up at work - our web pages (in particular my 
> pmwiki)
> is served by 2 web servers (apache I believe), one called www.etc and 
> the
> other oldwww.etc.  I don't have access to the servers, and the IT 
> people
> who do are unresponsive (presumably, to give them the benefit of the 
> doubt,
> the coronavirus issues are producing a lot of extra work).
> Anyway, the www.etc works fine.  But the oldwww.etc has an expired
> certificate and my browsers don't load the pages when directed to that
> server.  For some reason, the servers are set up so that $SkinDirUrl 
> become
> oldwww.etc/my-wiki-address rather than www.etc/my-wiki-address.
> The short question is, how can I tell $SkinDirUrl explicitly to use
> www.etc?  Perhaps also $ScriptUrl?  I'm not sure exactly which 
> variables I
> need to set.  When I look at the source, it seems to be only the skin 
> pages
> that are called via oldwww.etc.

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