[pmwiki-users] double server?

James M jamesm1415 at gmail.com
Sun May 24 03:06:18 PDT 2020

Hi all
I have a strange set up at work - our web pages (in particular my pmwiki)
is served by 2 web servers (apache I believe), one called www.etc and the
other oldwww.etc.  I don't have access to the servers, and the IT people
who do are unresponsive (presumably, to give them the benefit of the doubt,
the coronavirus issues are producing a lot of extra work).

Anyway, the www.etc works fine.  But the oldwww.etc has an expired
certificate and my browsers don't load the pages when directed to that
server.  For some reason, the servers are set up so that $SkinDirUrl become
oldwww.etc/my-wiki-address rather than www.etc/my-wiki-address.

The short question is, how can I tell $SkinDirUrl explicitly to use
www.etc?  Perhaps also $ScriptUrl?  I'm not sure exactly which variables I
need to set.  When I look at the source, it seems to be only the skin pages
that are called via oldwww.etc.

Thanks very much for any help.

ps sorry for the long email for a short question!
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