[pmwiki-users] redirections to pmwiki site

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Jun 27 21:03:31 PDT 2020

On 23/06/2020 09:37, jdd at dodin.org wrote:
> I was just asked by a user for fix to a page of my web site
> (http://www.dodin.org/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=PmWikiDe.Passwords)
> and just noticed that this page do not really exist but is some sort
> of redirect to the official pmwiki web site.

2 assumptions are wrong here. The page doesn't exist in the default 
installation -- it only contains the documentation in English. For the 
page to be there, you must have added the German documentation which I 
can see starts from here:


You, or someone who maintains the wiki, downloaded the pages from here:


and placed them in wikilib.d.

Note that when you have page files in wikilib.d, you cannot delete them 
from within the wiki (you can only delete pages from wiki.d). If you 
need to remove these pages, just delete the files from wikilib.d.

There is no way for a regular page to redirect automatically to the 
pmwiki.org site. At the bottom of the English documentation, there are 
links to the same page on pmwiki.org and to that talk page, because they 
may be more recent on pmwiki.org, see the bottom of, for example, 
http://www.dodin.org/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=PmWiki.Passwords . These are 
simple links, not redirects.

> I'm a bit worried, not to have a link to http://pmwiki.org, but to
> have such redirection on a page by page basis. I dunno really how are
> controlled these pages (I can't read, given they langage).

There is no such redirection.

> is it possible, and how, to remove this redirection? is it safe to
> remove the files in wikilib.d for languages I don't read? I guess this
> will be overwritten with each update...

Download the archive with the PmWiki software and look into the 
wikilib.d directory. Only these pages will be overwritten by an upgrade, 
and only in wikilib.d. If you have edited the pages, say, Site.SideBar, 
your own pages are saved into wiki.d, and from then will be used instead 
of those in wikilib.d. Even if an update changes wikilib.d/Site.SideBar, 
your own modified page will be in wiki.d/Site.SideBar and will not be 
affected by the change.


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