[pmwiki-users] Problems with Upload

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Jul 16 12:29:52 PDT 2020

We have pmcal-20181207.php from the cookbook installed on the demo 
section at pmwiki.org and I am able to upload.

Can you edit a page, and save your changes? Or do you see the login form 
all the time?

Also check the wiki with a different browser - Chrome, Firefox, MSIE, 
Edge, and report.

Here is what you can try.

First, check if you have that file pmcal-20181207.php and not an earlier 
one. You should still rename it to pmcal.php, -OR- you need to change 
the include_once() line in config.php to the correct file name.

Second, that file has a trailing "?>" closing PHP marker. You should 
remove it, and only have an empty last line. Sometimes such a marker may 
cause the server to incorrectly send cookies, then the browser rejects 
them and you are unable to login.

Do this for all other PHP scripts in the directories local/ and 
cookbook/ -- any file that has a closing "?>" marker needs to be edited, 
the marker removed, and the file re-uploaded to your server.

Third, check this new variable $EnableUploadAuthorRequired, especially 
if you have a custom upload form, or a recipe that manages uploads:


Check with $EnableUploadAuthorRequired = false; in config.php which 
mimics how it worked in the past.

If none of the above helps, see the section "I have to log in twice (two 
times) (2 times)" in the page:


Direct inline calls to some core functions from config.php or from a 
recipe in some cases cause PmWiki to cache the user credentials too 
early and you have to login more than once. If you are in this case, you 
should try moving these calls to the end of config.php or give us more 
information so that we can work on a fix.


If you upgrade :  http://www.pmwiki.org/Upgrades

On 16/07/2020 17:23, Paul Schoemaker wrote:
> After updating pmcal/pph with the latest code from the site, the site
> content is displayed correctly again.   Unfortunately, the upload
> functionality now doesn't work.
> Here is what happens:
> 1.  I create the new link in the pmWiki editor using (Attach:)
> 2.  Then I click on the new link to start the Upload process.
> 3.  I enter the password on the password required screen.
> 4.  I then select the pdf file to upload, put my name in the Uploader 
> box
> and click Upload.
> 5.  Instead of the usual file uploaded message, I get taken to the 
> password
> required screen again.
> 6.  I enter the Password again, click on OK and then the password 
> required
> screen appears again.
> 7.  After entering the password a second time and clicking on OK,  the
> screen that allows you to choose a file appears again with the message
> "Test file.pdf:  no file uploaded".  If I choose the file again and 
> click
> on Upload, I get taken back to step 5.
> I'm at a loss what to try next.  If I comment out the pmcal.php Recipe 
> the
> Upload works fine!

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