[pmwiki-users] Problems with Upload

Paul Schoemaker paulschoemaker at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 08:23:55 PDT 2020

 Our pmWiki site recently stopped working after working well for 6 years.
Just the shell of the site showed up, the main content was missing, the
left sidebar navigation was missing and some of the buttons (such as edit)
didn't work. This is what it looked like:

[image: HS site broken_cropped.gif]
As part of trying to fix it,  I upgraded our pmWiki from, 2.2.83 to the
latest (2.2.130) which didn't make a difference.

After further trial and error, I discovered that one of our two Recipes
(pmcal.php) appeared to be causing the Upload problem.  I found this out by
commenting out the include_once of pmcal.php in the local/config file and
the site worked fine again.

After updating pmcal/pph with the latest code from the site, the site
content is displayed correctly again.   Unfortunately, the upload
functionality now doesn't work.

Here is what happens:

1.  I create the new link in the pmWiki editor using (Attach:)
2.  Then I clicke on the new link to start the Upload process.
3.  I enter the password on the password required screen.
4.  I then select the pdf file to upload, put my name in the Uploader box
and click Upload.
5.  Instead of the usual file uploaded message, I get taken to the password
required screen again.
6.  I enter the Password again, click on OK and then the password required
screen appears again.
7.  After entering the password a second time and clicking on OK,  the
screen that allows you to choose a file appears again with the message
"Test file.pdf:  no file uploaded".  If I choose the file again and click
on Upload, I get taken back to step 5.

I'm at a loss what to try next.  If I comment out the pmcal.php Recipe the
Upload works fine!

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do to fix this?  My users
really like the Calendar and use it alot....

Thanks for any help!

Paul Schoemaker
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